Round Robin with Robin

Work In Progress / 24 May 2022

There was a project I stated with a cluster of classmates that was originally meant to be my Futuregames graduation project but halfway through it took a backseat to Wallean, which I was advised to continue with instead. The main reasoning behind that choice was that I wanted to focus on game-ready optimization rather than sculpting alone and, well. Wallean had already been sculpted at the time, and was ready for retopology and so forth.

Robin, however, is a project I really want to get back to, and bring to the same level of quality as Wallean, or better: I'd like to get to the quality of characters presented in Valorant. l'd also like to add some more nifty tricks I've learned this year in the field.

This where he's at right now:

He's sadly been sitting like this for over a year now as I've had to focus on my internship, graduation and work but... I've managed to aquire a Zbrush licence again, so I can finally get back to him. I guess it's Robin's turn on this session of 3D round robin! Feedback, suggestions and tips always welcome! :)